The Cheap Thrill- Nivea Lip Butter



When it comes to lip balm I find it hard to be loyal to just one, my longest standing relationship was with Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF15 (but between you and me that was only because I’d invested a lot into it- £16 to be precise). So I like to mix it up week to week, last week I was all about french pharmacy must have Dermophil whereas this week I’ve gone for something a little more fun. Whilst perusing superdrug the other day picking up yet more minis for yet another holiday my eye was caught by the little pots of Nivea Lip Butter and in particularly in the flavour choices, Caramel Cream in particular. Yummy. I picked it up expecting nothing more than a hit of something tasty and sweet and a bit of fun to dab on lips pre-lipstick, but what I wasn’t expecting was to have found my new HG lip balm product…yup HG. It nourishes, it hydrates, it doesn’t leave a sticky residue, it doesn’t leave too much of a glossy residue and more to the point it doesn’t dry your lips out so that you have to constantly reapply. It works well as a base for lipsticks or as a thick layer over lips at night before bed. It smells warm and sweet (anything with hints of caramel and vanilla and I’m sold) and what’s more exciting is that it was less than £2! I’m definitely stockpiling these so get them whilst you can before I’ve bought them all up and eaten them patted them on my dry lips.


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