The Budget Beauty Bag


I can never understand buying expensive makeup bags. Makeup is…well makeup! It’s greasy, prone to staining and often colourful, or worse – black. A beautifully expensive makeup bag, whilst a luxurious idea, just seem a little indulgent to by for oneself (presents are another story). This week I purchased not one but two makeup bags, the cost of them both together is under £10.00.

The first is from Forever 21 and reminds me of the Charlotte Tilbury makeup bags (I have one which I was given and it’s filthy now). It’s only £5.00 and can fit a whole face of makeup in it (foundation, concealer, corrector, mascara, eyeliner, shadow, brushes, powder, travalo, blush, bronzer – the lot). It’s also black which means stains don’t show up and it’s wipe clean. The dream!

The second is from Primark and was a mere £3.00 and is reminiscent of a Missoni print. I love the pom pom details as well (so SS15 on point). This is slightly more fragile in terms of stains, I’d be a tad more careful, but for £3.00 – yolo. You can also fit a similar amount in here. I love that neither of these bags are too big, it makes them perfect for taking on a weekend away, it stops you from going crazy and bringing three different foundations.

Have I tempted you with any of these budget friendly makeup bags?




  1. January 24, 2015 / 3:09 am

    I totally agree, as lovely as beautiful leather makeup bags with white silk lining are, they are never going to last long term as inevitably blushes will smash everywhere or some other disaster. The Forever 21 one is very Lulu Guiness, very chic indeed xxx

  2. January 28, 2015 / 8:06 pm

    Those two are so cute! And I agree, they get too worn down too quickly to invest in 🙂

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