The Uniform

I think part of the reason I see myself as more of a ‘beauty blogger’ and less of a ‘fashion’ one is because I have a classic style, well a uniform I suppose, that I… View Post

Instaoutfit- Leather Shorts in November

  I’ve had these leather H&M shorts since September, and haven’t found the right time to wear them. I realised yesterday, that the right time to don a pair of leather shorts with studs stitching doesn’t exist, and that… View Post

Miranda Kerr black and blue- Get the Look

There’s a lot to be said for Miranda Kerr, having just publicly announced her split from husband Orlando Bloom,she is not only braving the world with a beaming smile, but she’s also looking better than… View Post

Grey Skies and Mozart

I spent yesterday in and out of meetings around the West end and then went straight to a Mozart concert at the Royal Festival Hall in aid of the brilliant charity The Passage. I wanted… View Post