The Uniform

I think part of the reason I see myself as more of a ‘beauty blogger’ and less of a ‘fashion’ one is because I have a classic style, well a uniform I suppose, that I… View Post

Sort of Autumn..

With the weather relatively mild for Autumn I kept this outfit true to the season with the colours and textures as opposed to any layering. A simple Vogue t-shirt from the Vogue Festival paired with a black… View Post

Sunday Catch Up #12

Left-Right- Shopping in Cannes//Baby Prince George and Kate looking beautiful!//Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo//the post sun damage control squad team//lunch at Volupte Cannes, best homemade ice tea ever//lunch in Portofino Italy.  Most Worn- my  bright turquoise… View Post

Summer Nights

Yesterday was my final day of timetabled lectures of university….ever! Woohoo. After a hefty day in the library I ventured out for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend to celebrate. We gorged on amazing Italian… View Post