Sunday Catch Up #22

Left to right// Saturday night outfit//Liz Earle makeup *drools*//Whole Foods isn’t just about the food you know//Kabuto noodles obsession// healthy breakfast// Dolce and Gabbana mascara advert makes me want to go back to italy//Smokey eyes//Friday… View Post

Sunday Catch Up #21

Left to Right- Chanel Le Weekend samples//my bedside table//possible one of the coolest tattoos I’ve ever seen//the top knot- so versatile and still so cool.  Most Worn- A lovely black quilted biker jacket from Zara, have… View Post

The modern makeunder…

  Whilst sitting with my freshly painted talons and my face immersed in detoxifying face mask on Sunday evening I got comfy and started reading the September issue of Allure (aka my favourite magazine- a US… View Post