Swipe ‘n’ Go


After being loyal to palettes and eyeshadow brushes for a whole six weeks, I felt like I’d neglected my previous  favourite form of eyeshadow – the eyeshadow stick. There really is nothing easier than a good quality eyeshadow stick – they impart the perfect amount of pigment and are easily blendable with your ring finger. My all time favourites are the Kiko Shadow Sticks which last all day without creasing or disappearing. They are by far the best formula I’ve ever come across, what’s more – they don’t require any sharpening. They are so god damn easy!

The Clinique Chubby Stick For Eyes Whoppin’ Willow is creamy and gorgeous with a beautiful burnished gold with green running through it. However, the creaminess means that they aren’t as durable as the Kiko offerings and the colour can fade after a few hours on the lid (give or take an extra hour if you’re wearing primer).

The Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleons do have excellent lasting time and a gorgeous range of colours, but they need sharpening (as you can see!) which makes them a pain to use, they are also so creamy and ‘mushy’ that they basically need sharpening after every use. They are also the most expensive of the bunch at £19, where as the Clinique ones are £17 meaning the Kiko at an amazing £7.99 are the cheapest. I love having options, but to be honest Kiko is really where it’s at for amazing value for money, and by far the best wear time of the bunch.


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