Super Elixir Protein Powder – gimmick?


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You know I love to debunk the gimmicks given that I’m a massive beauty skeptic. When I first received the Super Elixir protein powder I semi rolled my eyes at it’s suggestion that you could supplement one meal  a few times a week for it. The protein powder is formulated with plant protein from peas, dandelions and sprouted brown rice making it vegan friendly. The powder claims to keep you fuller for longer thanks to the fibre, help with free radical elimination (thanks to the acai) as well as boosting your metabolism and fighting stress. Bold claims!

One day feeling particularly doughy and bloated after a chinese takeaway the evening before I brought some round to my mum and suggested we try making it for lunch. We mixed the allocated amount (doubled as it was for two) with unsweetened almond milk, a banana and a whole load of blueberries. In the nutri bullet it all went and seconds later we were left with what looked like chocolate milk. The colour and flavour is thanks to the Raw Peruvian Cacao and all I can say is that it did not disappoint. It tasted like a liquid chocolate frozen yoghurt and our drinks were both downed within minutes. We both felt as satisfied as though we had had a proper meal and not at all sluggish. I was able to continue productively with my day right up until dinner time – no mean feat from a girl who loves snacking!

I’ve been supplementing it once or twice a week since and have become hooked. Whilst I can’t say if it truly lives up to all its claims, I will say that it’s a great way to healthily get some nutrients and to stay on top of over eating especially as Summer approaches. It definitely gives me more energy than a lunch time bagel and that’s a win in my book!


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