Sunday Stuff #29 Autumn Clear Out

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Can you tell that I’m having a Pinterest moment? After getting back to normality post Summer holidays, I’m now yearning for a clear out. I’m going to start with my makeup and throw out anything that I haven’t used in the last six months (except for of course Wintry eye palettes!).

Out will go the BB cream that leaves a greasy film, the foundation that magnifies my pores, and all the dried out old concealers and eye pencils. Next up I’m going to relocate all of my Summer wardrobe back to my family home and bring in my Autumnal wardrobe to keep things from getting too cramped. I can’t wait! After having spent the best part of this morning clearing and cleaning, I’m now going to set up my camera and film a GRWM as I ┬áhave a super special and fun day planned!


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