Sunday Stuff #28


When I was 16 I had a signature scent, I haven’t had one since, but whenever I catch a whiff of it I’m instantly transported back to my GCSE’s (that’s not a bad thing BTW). That signature scent was Miss Dior Cherie. Well dear readers, as you can see, the above products are a little more budget friendly than Dior, but they smell EXACTLY. THE .SAME. The Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter Lotion, and Flake Away exfoliator take me right back to being a teenager, whilst leaving my skin feel baby’s bottom worthy smooth and clean. The whipped clean has a different scent, but it’s just as intoxicating – think musky cocoa with undertones of jasmine. All the products make me feel so pampered and I loved using them to get me holiday and beach ready.



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