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I’ve been obsessing over my bridal beauty look for a while now. I’ve had a tumultuous time with makeup aritsts, either the ones that I want not being available to being quoted ridiculous fees, I mean ridiculous. As my wedding is a two day affair and I’m going for two totally different looks I’ve decided on two makeup artists, my dear friend for the Friday night “more is more” bollywood makeup look who may not be a professional MUA but could be! Her skills are incredibly impressive. For the Saturday night I’ve found a wonderful MUA from Bobbi Brown who seems to really understand exactly the look that I’m after – drama without being too heavy or full on. I’m going to do a post and/or video on Bobbi Brown bridal beauty soon so stay tuned for that!

Today’s post is more of a chatty one, whilst searching for the right MUA I’ve fallen back in love with makeup after having recently lost interest slightly. In the Summer months I prefer a natural look and so I’ve just been sticking to light easy products, however the more I think about my wedding the more I get excited and think about all the products I can pile on to create the perfect look which I can be proud of in years to come when I show my grandchildren my wedding photos.

I’ve recently discovered Teni Panosian, a Kim Kardashian lookalike who seems like such a genuinely lovely girl and who’s done a DIY bridal beauty tutorial here which is just stunning. I’m not a fan of the “natural” look for a wedding, I think that having a defined eye and looking your best possible self is key, of course if you’re the type of girl who doesn’t normally wear makeup then you shouldn’t pile it on for the big day, looking and feeling ike yourself is crucial. As I normally go for taupes and brown shadows that’s exactly what I’m going for for my wedding. Above is a photo from when I worked with Daniel Sandler on something for Brides magazine (about a year before I got engaged FYI) and I think it’s such a stunning bridal look. As for my actual wedding makeup, that’s still a secret, I’ll be doing a video of it for you all which I’ll put up just after the wedding – so stay tuned for that!  My current top bridal makeup looks are, Poppy Delevignge’s, Olivia Palermo’s and Kim Kardashian (2014 to Kanye obvs). Leave me a comment below with any links to other amazing bridal beauty looks – I’d love to see to feed my obsession! As for this dreary, rainy Sunday I’m going to attempt to recreate Teni’s DIY bridal beauty look for fun. I have a feeling my bridal beauty obsession will continue until long after I’ve said “I do”.



  1. Reem
    August 10, 2014 / 12:30 pm

    You will look beautiful! I cannot wait to see everything all together, your dress, shoes, hair, makeup, and even fragrance! I wish you all the best! I love everything about you! Xxoxo

  2. August 10, 2014 / 1:57 pm

    Ahh you’re gonna make the most stunning bride! Can’t wait to see the looks you go for. Teni is amazing isn’t she, I’m addicted to her videos – they’re never too much or over the top xx

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