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So I’ve been pretty strict with my current skincare routine, It’s been two whole months exactly since I started using Environ, and now I feel like the time is nigh to tell you all about it. I’ve hinted towards how much I’ve been loving it in a few of  my videos but I haven’t given you the full rundown, so here I am – letting you into my ultimate skincare secret.

Environ is a South African brand which are notoriously difficult to track down due to not being able to buy them online. You have to have as skin consultation before you can buy anything (I had mine in Harvey Nichols with a lovely girl called Alice!) and the products are fuss free and totally results driven.

The products I was recommended after a skin analysis, and the ones which I’ve been using are – the cleansing oil, AVST1 cream, sebuwash cleanser, C-Quence eye gel and the AVST moisturising toner. The pre cleansing oil is by far one of the best oils I’ve ever used. It melts away makeup and grime and leaves skin feeling soft without even a hint of a greasy film. I love how it takes off every last scrap of eye makeup, and I love how supple and soft my skin feels after.

My second cleanse is then with Sebuwash, a light silky feeling gel cleanser that smells slightly clinical but feels wonderful on, it doesn’t leave skin feeling tight at all and really helps banish grease and blemishes – it’s ideal for Summer weather. The moisturising toner is perhaps my least favourite of the bunch, mainly because it is an old school toner that requires a cotton disc, and I’m used to fancy aerosol spray ones (Serozinc). It does leave skin feeling lovely and moisturised, but I tend to only use it a few times a week, instead opting for my long term toner love – La Roche Posay’s Serozinc.

Next step is moisturising, and every other night I add my serum in before this one as I’m still head over heels in love with Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. But on regular evenings I just go straight in with the C-Quence eye gel which is the first to never give me under eye milia, and then the AVST1 moisturiser which is a vitamin a based product. The main point of Environ is vitamin A, and the AVST range has 5 stages ranging from a minimal amount of vitamin A right up to full throttle. The idea is to gently build up your skins tolerance so that it doesn’t get aggravated/break out. So far my skin is loving AVST1.

So, what difference have I noticed in the last two months? Well, my skin is overall more even  in texture and my dark marks and blemish scars are visibly reduced. My skin feels less oily yet overall more hydrated. My breakouts are solely hormone related and come a few days before that time of the month (something which is helped by my supplements Skin Accumax by Advanced Nutrition Programme). Under the skin lumps and bumps have visibly reduced, I no longer need or want a monthly facial and in fact have stopped having facials all together and overall I’m less  totally not interested in trying out heaps of new skincare products. I love having a routine to stick to, and Environ are definitely a brand that I’ll be sticking with long after vows have been exchanged.

For more information on Environ products –

This post is NOT sponsored. I genuinely just LOVE Environ 🙂



  1. Bella
    July 21, 2014 / 9:48 am

    Your skin has been looking rather gorgeous lately! I wish I could access these products.

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