Sunday Stuff #2

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Today I will mostly be popping on face masks, reading the brand spanking new Porter magazine, enjoying my beautiful new Villa Collezione candle (thank you candelabox!) and doing some burpees and sit ups.

Today will most definitely be a no makeup day for me so on Alpha H Soothing and Perfecting Mask with Lavendar will go and after a little bit of Tata Harper Rejuvinating Serum. The Alpha H face mask is my current go – to for clarifying and brightening without upsetting my sensitive and blemish prone skin, I’m going to talk about it in my video which will be up on Tuesday morning – so stay tuned! Similarly the Rejuvinating Serum literally makes you feel as though you’re having an at home facial, the botanical scent from this 100% natural product makes you feel like you’re in a spa, and the after effects it has on plumping and brightening your complexion give you the results to match.

In between lounging around and reading magazines I will be doing some working out, wedding prep is in full swing. Stay tuned for a brial beauty prep video coming very soon here but not before a Cult Beauty haul coming on Tuesday!


Tijan xx





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