Sunday Stuff #16 healthy hair


So I’ve coloured my hair a fair few times this week, and as I’ve finally got it to the dream colour I want it to stay that way, so out went all of my old shampoos (asides from last weeks special mention Bumble & Bumble shine) and in went the budget friendly, sulfate free L’Oreal Elvive No Sulfates. Sulfates are the quickest product to strip colour from your hair, using a shampoo with less or no sulfates in will equal a longer lasting time on your hair colour, but also healthier, shinier and more nourished locks that will most likely last you longer in between trims too. I love this range, and I love that they have such a gorgeous indulgent hair mask too (gotta love a good hair mask!). They also smell incredible! They’re currently on 3 for 2 in Boots so go go go!


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