Sunday Stuff #10 – the Coachella Pamper

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Another Sunday is here and this one is all about Spring time pampering – I may not be at Coachella, but my Sunday pampering is going to make me feel like I am (ish!!)!

To treat my heat damaged and split ends I’ve been loving this Garnier 1 minute Polishing Scrub with Vanilla Milk & Papaya. It’s the coolest thing – essentially like an exfoliator but for your dry and split ends, the best part? It literally only takes one minute to do and you have the most gorgeously soft and shiny hair after. The scent is also pretty delicious. This would be ideal for Coachella goers as its quick, easy and leaves your hair vanilla scented for ages, leaving that fresh feeling long after the hair wash is over.

After I’ve showered and have gorgeously luscious locks, I’ll be moisturising with my new favourite product – Victoria’s Secret PINK Party in Paradise body lotion, not only does this smell so Summery and fruity but the name ‘party in paradise’ how cool is that? It’s super nourishing and again, the scent lingers on your body for a while, meaning that you can even for go perfume after using this as you’ll smell sooo damn good!

I’m going to be trying an experiment and am going to go all French dermatologist and stop using tap water on my face for a few days to see if it does anything. Instead I’ll be using the Avene Thermal Spring Water to emulsify my cleansers. This would also be ideal if you were heading to the desert – it will keep you cooled, hydrated and keep skin looking peachy fresh even without the use of usual running water.

There you have it, my “I wish I were at Coachella’ Sunday pamper!



  1. Meg
    April 13, 2014 / 9:55 am

    Hi. Do you put the Garnier exfoliating polish just on the ends of your hair or all over? I am a little scared of using it as I have naturally curly hair and dont want to frizz it up even more, but if it works, I would like to try it.

    • April 13, 2014 / 10:04 am

      Yes – just on the mid lengths and ends. If anything I think it should take frizz – it’s really lovely and leaves hair totally sleep!

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