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I’ve been rather unwell for the last few days and it got me thinking about the very beauty basics, the things that even when I’m at my worse make me feel a little better. It’s no time for actual makeup, perfume or hair products, instead it’s about the skincare, body care and other bits and bobs to perk you up.

I tend to cleanse less when I’m ill – I’m not wearing any makeup and I’m not up to the whole palaver of a hot cloth cleanse until at least mid afternoon, which means that when I’m ready to head to bed for the night (no joke – around 7:00pm is when I start to doze off) it feels too soon for a proper cleanse, so that’s when the next day I go in with an exfoliating toner like my Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner to really get rid of any excess grease, dead skin and other grossness that I may have missed with my single cleanse.

Even when I’m feeling crappy a shower is vital for me – I have to at least feel fresh and clean even if inside is anything but. I’ve been loving the This Works energy boosting shower gel which is sulfate free and really boosts my mood. I then douse myself in a hefty layer of new brand Prismologie body butter – the ethos behind Prismologie is that it reflects how you want to feel not how you feel, the white body butter is supposed to help give you strength and clarity – something that I’ve definitely been lacking over the last 72 hours.

Then I’ve been lighting my new Jo Malone White Lilac and Rhubarb to not only relax me but lift my spirits – the gorgeous packaging makes me feel better by just gazing at it!

What are some of your beauty comforts for when you’re not quite feeling yourself?


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