Some Thoughts


What strange times I’m writing to you from. March 2020 feels a little like the beginning of the end of the world doesn’t it? Yet we must have hope, we must believe that this too shall pass, however long it takes, we will get through it. But how?

Finding comfort in the small things, that first hot drink of the day (I have my matcha latte tutorial on my instagram stories highlight now), a weekly FaceTime with a friend who you ordinarily would only see every other month. Time to pause and reset, to make your space welcoming – candles, home cooked food, taking the time to clean up properly – Mrs Hinch was right all along, cleaning can be so therapeutic when you’re not doing it in a rush. Meetings over Zoom. Listening to the radio. Comfortable lounge wear but maybe with an amazing pair of statement earrings for that aforementioned zoom. Watching the days get longer, giving us hope. The trees are getting greener and lusher and we will get through this. Looking at memes for hours on end, we don’t have to be our most productive selves every day, some days are harder than others. Knowing that your neighbour, your colleague, your friend, that actor in that TV show you’re watching right now – we are all going through this together.

Thinking of the moment we can kiss and hug our friends and loved ones again, that first bite in our favourite restaurant, that first walk into a supermarket to aisles and aisles of fresh produce, our first Friday evening out on the Southbank heading to the National, that first Saturday morning back watching your little one play football with other children.

I’m going to be posting an IGTV this week of all the TV shows and books that uplift my spirits and take me to a different place, a place where I am not anxiously awaiting a 5pm broadcast from the Prime Minister. Until then let’s stay positive but most importantly – let’s stay at home.


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