Sick Sundays


nearly went a day without blogging, I’ve only ever taken off three days in my whole blogging life and that was to celebrate my wedding weekend. I’m perhaps the most unwell I’ve been in a long while today and I’ve spent the majority of the day in and out of sleep, checking instagram, watching Friends and drinking gallons of water and sucking down Day Nurse capsules as though they’re crack (not that I’d know what crack is like people, I’m speaking figuratively). Well the day is done, it’s officially dark and I haven’t had one breath of fresh air. My lounge clothes feel as germy and gross as me, and my freshly washed, cut and blow dried hair even feels contageous. Great.

I don’t know what tomorrow will hold in terms of health, but I can assure you that right now I plan on getting in a hot (but not too hot) bath with a capful of Mio’s Liquid Yoga to get rid of the layer of germy grime (I’m painting a stunning image aren’t I?), a gentle cleanse with La Roche Posay Toleriane dermo cleanser, some Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel (the only product to both intensely hydrate as well as clarify) and then a thick layer of Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion to really feel indulged, relaxed and nourished. I’m then going to attempt to watch a Christmas movie if my heavy lids allow, and swallow back some more pills and call it a night. Fingers crossed that this lurgy lifts soon, and if not at least I can pretend I feel better by indulging in beauty right?


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