Queen of Lipsticks

Every female is constantly on the search for the elusive ‘perfect’ lip colour. A tone that complements your complexion, hair and eyes with a nice, non-drying or flakey finish. I’ve got about a million MAC lipsticks which I’ve always adored, but a few months ago I found myself craving a dewier finish. Recently whilst perusing my beauty bible- Into The Gloss I read about Poppy King’s Lipstick Queen ‘Medieval’. I’ve always loved the look of Lipstick Queen whenever I’d passed them in Space NK but the colours always seemed too bold for me (I favour a dark eye and sheer lip- not necessarily always nude though), that was until ‘Medieval’, a sheer, glossy moisturizing and non-sticky lipstick which gives the appearance of your lips being freshly bitten or just kissed.


Lipstick Queen


Lipstick Queen- Medieval

The story behind ‘Medieval’ is that King wanted to re-create the look that women used to achieve from rubbing lemon juice on their lips (in the dark dark days before Space NK, Boots, Selfridges and Liberty beauty halls) and she has managed to achieve just that, a natural yet alluring finish that is more-ish (I’ve been known to apply layer after layer- addicted). Being of a darker skin tone I was concerned that the blue undertones would wash me out a little, however the lipstick matches my skin tone perfectly and I’ve seen it on fairer girls who also look incredible. The sheer formula manages to dilute any of the harshness the colour could have. I’m over excited to see that King has bought out a new range ‘Butterfly Ball’ which supposedly reflects light, flatters your skin tone and makes your teeth look whiter!?! I’m not throwing out my tube of whitening tooth paste just yet, however, I’m definitely intrigued and will be running down to Space NK asap!


butterfly ball


Lipstick Queen- Butterfly Ball range


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