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Before I became pregnant, and before I even started planning to become pregnant I was always fascinated with how the hormones would effect my tempestuous skin. Would my skin benefit from pregnancy or would it suffer with all of the raging hormones? When I first found out I was pregnant I immediately noted how clear and calm my skin felt and *touch wood* it has only gotten better. To be fair, I was taking pregnacare for just under 2 months before I fell pregnant and I do believe that they massively helped. My hormones however which have given me nausea/exhaustion and migraines haven’t seemed to exacerbate my acne and in fact  have helped it even further. I’m incredibly grateful!

As my skin has been behaving I’ve been more experimental with my skincare and more open to trying new products (that are pregnancy safe of course). So here are some of my current favourites that have helped my skin and in turn my confidence!

I first started using the Glossier Milky Jelly at the beginning of my second trimester and have fallen in love with it. I think it’s my favourite cleanser ever. It worked equally as well in humid Hong Kong as it did in London when we had our bizarre snow week. It melts makeup off effortlessly with a soft gel texture that leaves my complexion feeling cleansed yet supple. I am obsessed and can’t see myself using any other cleanser for the foreseeable future.

I had a Susanne Kauffman facial at Liberty about a month ago and fell in love with two products – her Clarifying Tonic and Enzyme Peel – both of which I was assured are pregnancy safe. The toner leaves my skin feeling uber cleansed but not at all stripped, I feel it literally dissolve the gunk from my pores and the grime of the day leaving the perfect base for the next steps in my routine. The enzyme peel is ideal for a once a week detox to smooth and purify the skin. Neither product has broken me out even the tiniest bit and I am hooked!
I’ve been staying faithful to my Skinceuticls Phyto Corrective serum which I’ve been using since I was 19. Nothing hydrates/decongests/lightens pigmentation and leaves skin fresher or calmer. It is quite literally my no.1 serum. Skinceuticals sent me a host of other serums to try last week so I’ll be trying them shortly.

Which leads me on to my final pregnancy love – assides from my La Roche Posay Toleriane Moisturiser (which I use AM and PM) I’ve been loving the Skinceuticals Mineral SPF 50 which adapts to your skin tone. It gives skin a beautiful glow and doesn’t break me out at all. I love the consistency and love wearing it on foundation free days to run errands or pop to a barre class. Pigmentation is a particular concern with me in pregnancy as I’m prone to it already and have definitely noticed it worsening so I’m doing my best to prevent it from worsening!

So these are my current favourite skincare products that I’m in love with. I think they truly work with my skin and I’m so glad I ventured out of my basic skincare comfort zone to try some new excellent products that have really helped give me a pregnancy “glow”.

Next up will be my pregnancy body products including my favourite stretch mark prevention creams!




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