Post Sun Damage Control…

sun damage control


It’s 2013…I think we can all agree that sunbathing is just not good for you full stop. However, we all indulge a little don’t we? Whether that be in your back garden during the heatwave or on the Cote D’Azur- sun is sun and as we are all well aware, very damaging. I may slap on the SPF all over in the day (even my hair) but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t done a little damage to my body, so I thought I’d talk you through my post-sunbathing pre-dinner routine. I remove all traces of my makeup/SPF with good ol’ Bioderma Crealine H20 (I only wear a little L’Oreal telescopic, concealer and SPF 50 but still…) to ensure that my pores don’t get all clogged up under my hot shower, then I wash my hair with Phyto Plage Apres Soleil Rehydrating Shampoo for hair and body (weird I know) which smells delicious and rids hair of all the dirt and sweaty grease as well as rehydrating locks that have been overly exposed to chlorine, sun and sea water. I then follow that up with a good 2-3 minutes of Phyto Plage Apres Soleil Repair Masque whilst I shave my legs (a taboo subject to talk about body hair, but this is a beauty blog and if we can’t be frank here, where can we be hey?). I then brush the masque through with my Tangle Teezer and rinse out. Post shower I then take care of my body by slapping on Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra-Soothing Rehydrates Prolongs a Tan all over. And that’s it….well asides from the hair and makeup which is part 2 and up tomorrow- holiday evening hair and makeup. By supplementing my usual products for specific after-sun care I’m rehydrating my body and hair and hopefully even reversing some damage- well…I like to think so!



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