Philip Kingsley- One More Day



Hair washing is, for a lot of us, a bit of a chore. The washing as such isn’t the chore, but the drying and styling and combing and negotiating all takes time and effort and sometimes we feel like (or can’t afford to) exert either. I’m obsessive about freshly washed hair, but having very long locks means that washing it daily just isn’t feasible. Cue dry shampoo which I’ve adored for 5 years or so, I’m not the worlds greatest fan of Batiste (too whitening on my dark roots) but I’ve loved using Oribe Dry Texturising Spray and the slightly cheaper V05 Plump Me Up offerings. When I heard that hair mistro Philip Kingsley had brought out a souped up dry shampoo with special soothing ingredients such as zinc PCA and allantoin to cleanse the scalp and keep flakes at bay I was sold. I bought the small version for just £6 for 50ml to see what if it was worth the hype. After using it for a few days I’ve come to appreciate that it is different to your standard dry shampoo. My usually greasy second day hair is instantly refreshed and plumped up and any white residue fades within seconds of spraying. It also lasts all day unlike some dry shampoos which need reapplying (or is that just me and my overly oil scalp?)

It seems that word has well and truly spread asI’ve just checked and M&S beauty are sold out! That’s some serious hairsteria- geddit? Ok I’ll stop. To sum it up a little goes a long way, no white ‘old lady’ residue, soaks up excess oil, smells good and keeps hair looking voluminous and grease free all day long. I’m sold!


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