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I rarely get dressed up to head out out these days and when I do I struggle to get inspired by the evening attire in my wardrobe.  Years ago I never had issues – bare legs, mini dress and heels/high heeled DM’s, the dresses were tight and the shoes even if they were high heeled had some sort of masculinity about them to “de pretty” the dress. In 2009/10/11/12 and 13 (14 and 15 at a push) body con dresses were de rigueur. However now in 2017 the out out wardrobe is going through some changes. You will just as often see a girl with ripped jeans and a crop top as one in a dress – anything goes now – and over dressing > under dressing no longer matters – in fact what even is over dressing or under dressing now? I’m also a tad older than my late teens and early 20s so the mini dresses/bare legs are saved for St Tropez or a proper club. When going for a nice dinner and potentially going out though I struggle with what note I want to strike.

The other day I knew I wanted to wear jeans – I pretty much live in jeans these days and felt like opting for my Donna Ida for Jaeger Liv ones which are stretchy and comfortable but also look smart with a bootcut leg. I then paired it with a nude lace trimmed camisole (tucked in) (currently obsessed with this this one) and this choker by Novo London to add some sparkle, I then felt like going a little bit more Paris Hilton ironic 2002 revival and added this faux fur jacket by Zara and some incredibly high Miu Miu heels as well as my befittingly 2003 era CHANEL multi chained bag. I felt like my look was just the right mix of paired down, dressed up but also showcased my own personal style.

What are your go to “out out” outfits?




  1. February 7, 2017 / 8:46 pm

    Omg YES! I am definitely guilty of always wearing jeans on nights out but instead of embracing it I want to try to get dressed up every once in a while rather than literally wear the same things day and night ahaha. You have pulled it off beautifully though with the great use of your accessories – p.s. I love the combo of your clic H bracelets xx


  2. February 17, 2017 / 5:39 pm

    Thanks, great article.

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