Organisation for Hoarders

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Image from Pinterest – I can only dream of an office this minimal!


I feel incredibly disorganised at the moment – my head is all over the place currently due to the fact that we are moving next week! I’ve always been terrible at anything packing related as I have a habit of leaving things until the last minute and then getting incredibly stressed. So here are some of the tips that I’m going to try and abide by in staying organised and in helping to make my life a little easier:

One In One Out:  Swimming/drowning in beauty products is both a perk and a slight problem of being a beauty writer. Being a beauty lover means that it’s impossible to not get excited by a little brown parcel filled with the latest hair elixir or miracle jar of face cream. However, with things looking a little bit crazy in my bathroom currently, and not wanting to pack a whole load of toiletteries I have a new rule – one in, one out. Only one set of shampoo and conditioner in the shower, one body scrub, one body moisturiser (ok I’ve cheated there – I have 5 on the go but I’m really into body moisturisers). This rule has helped keep things from becoming over crowded. It has also meant that I’m given enough time to  properly road test products before I review them without pressure from other products looking on willing me to open them up.

If you can’t remember the last time: This rule is so hard for me implement, but it’s the old adage that if you can’t remember the last time you wore it then it’s out. Luckily, I’ve found a loophole in that I donate lots of my clothes to my sister in the hope that if I ever do have a pang of missing something, I know it’s not too far away. However, old jeans that are no longer in fashion (and probably wont be again – leopard print peddle pushers anyone…I only bought them 6 months ago).  I have to be ruthless so that I can make way for all of the new clothes that will undoubtedly flood in eventually, plus a good clear out just feels good for the soul.

Be Sentimental but not a Hoarder: My husband is incredibly neat and throws most stuff out, yet yesterday I saw him packing our plane tickets from our honeymoon, and that’s when I realised that you can and should keep items of sentimental value so that you can look back years from now at more than a few instagram snaps. I’m a sucker for taking this rule too far though and need to be vigilant otherwise my inner hoarder creeps back in and we are back to square one!

What are your organisation tips?




  1. Lina
    May 5, 2015 / 9:03 am

    Hi Tijan,
    I can understand you so well! However, there’s something that pretty much turned my life upside down (in a good way!), which is the book “The life changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. It is an amazing way to declutter and organize your life to be sorrounded ony by the things you truely love and cherish. It may seem crazy and weird at first (it did to me), but just look into it – you won’t be disappointed. Especilly since youll be moving to a new place this will help you a lot with making your new home an amazing place.
    Other than that, have a great day and a stress-free move 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about / see your new home!


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