Nursing Friendly Outfit Ideas

Just over three months ago I found myself with a diminishing bump, a changing season and needing to get my boobs out every 2 hours round the clock. I had absolutely no clue how to dress myself. I left hospital two days postpartum with a deflated “24 weeks pregnant” looking rounded tummy and sore all over and came home to a wardrobe full of bump friendly printed Summer dresses. I decided to stick to my maternity wardrobe for a little while longer whilst I let my body slowly deflate (what an awful word) and came to grips with my lactating breasts and general soreness. I actually wore my maternity leggings (the very leggings I wore in labour) religiously for the following two weeks on the cooler days and a Seraphine nursing/maternity dress on the warmer ones. 3 weeks later something snapped, I wanted to feel like me again. I cleared out my wardrobe (no easy task with a newborn baby), gave a few bags to charity and placed a huge Zara order and yet I feel its taken until now to truly get to grips with nursing friendly outfits. At the start I thought everything had to be either seriously low cut or have buttons but I’ve since realised that the only off limits items in my wardrobe are high neck dresses. Everything else is nursing friendly! I’d also like to add I’m still exclusively breast feeding from the boob – I find pumping too much of a faff and who has time to sterilise bottles? It’s a testament to my dislike of organisation/cleaning and pre planning that I am happy to stay within a 15 minute radius of my son for the next year instead of pumping or giving him formula!

The low cut top of course still reigns supreme – a good soft body with a deep v can be made more modest with a thick high nursing bra underneath – really good easy access. Buttons are of course fantastic as well (if a bit fiddly). But my current favourite go-to? Any top/jumper with high waisted jeans or a high waisted skirt, simply un clip your nursing bra (my faves are from H&M and Jojo Maman Bebe – linked below) and lift up your top (you can wear a little vest under – simply take down the vest strap and lift up your top and plug your baby on (you can also use a muslin to make sure of no accidental nip slips – my faves are Aden & Anais).

A slouchy loose fitting jumper with leggings (I love a good firm but stretchy pair of leggings to really suck everything back into place) can be one of the chicest looks postpartum – a low cut jumper is also fab as you have two way access to the boob pub!

One of my favourite dresses is this one by Me&Em as it looks like a high neck dress but actually has a nifty zip which is ideal as a shortcut to milky town! They have a few styles like this – linked below!

A chic pair of leather trousers and a blouse is also a fantastic AW look as well as being easy to feed in – again either undo the blouse or pop your baby underneath to latch. Once you’ve fed in public once or twice you really can wear anything (that is except the high neck dresses I mentioned before). If you are a complete novice I would opt for a nice jumper, good nursing bra/vest combo and a chic little high waisted skirt!




  1. Lisa Autumn
    November 12, 2018 / 8:28 am

    Oh and they are all so stylish as well! Well done babe!

    x Lisa |

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