New Year Goals – Pushing myself further than last year.

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Ok ok I promise this is the last new year related post, but I got to thinking (apologies for that one) about all that I managed to achieve in 2014 and how much more I could achieve this year if I push myself that little bit further;

I learnt a new language – Russian- and from July – September I did 4 hours a week and met some wonderful people. I’m starting a new semester of classes the week after next at one of the most amazing London universities and I’m so excited! This year I hope to really excel with my Russian and get to a level where I feel totally confident. I was always good at languages at school but very lazy, I managed to get 99% in a Spanish GCSE without much revision, similarly French, however with Russian I pour myself into and so I hope to really be able to achieve great levels.

I planned a two day wedding! I still can’t believe I did this, yes I had wedding planners so it wasn’t all me, but I project managed them and the whole concept of the wedding was down to me, I picked everything from the cutlery to the hand wash in the bathroom, I wanted every aspect of the wedding to be perfect. I got so stressed in the month leading up to the wedding about the one thing I couldn’t control (female issue) that I actually tried a number of medical solutions (they all made me sick) so I had to just hope that fate was on my side – needless to say, it started three days before and finished the morning of – miracle! This isn’t some TMI story just for the sake of it, but the fact that I cared so deeply and was such a perfectionist and used my time so wisely proves to myself that I can and should be a perfectionist about all other aspects of my life in 2015 and beyond.

I started¬†YouTube! That was a scary one for sure, but I finally got my act together and bought all of the equipment, learnt to use iMovie (thanks to my brother!) and started uploading twice weekly. The wedding and Russian classes threw that into slight disarray but starting from Sunday I’ll be posting two videos a week again – Sunday’s at GMT 5pm and Wednesdays also at GMT 5pm. I’m so grateful for how much my little channel has grown and I can’t believe that now nearly 14,000 of you watch my videos – thank you! ¬†Please leave me some video requests!

I have some other goals this year, some new ones, I have a few exciting new ventures that are separate to my blog and YouTube and I’ll be sharing those with you as and when the time is right – they’re still in the fashion and beauty related worlds though!

What are your goals, hopes & dreams and/or resolutions for the coming year?




  1. January 2, 2015 / 12:45 pm

    Hi Tijan! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog and Youtube, you really are one of my favourites! I love how motivated you are, you have really given me the inspiration I need (as cheesy as that sounds) to push myself harder to excel in this new school year. Thank you! Also, with regards to requests – I would love to see a make-up tutorial for everyday contoured cheeks and nude lips etc. Also maybe a skincare advice for blemished skin video to help teenagers? That would be incredibly helpful. Much love from Australia, Angelina xx

    • January 20, 2015 / 9:39 am

      That’s so lovely to hear – thank you Angelina! Yes, I’m planning on filming an acne/skincare video to upload later this week! Good luck with school! xx

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