New Storage Obsession

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I’m winding up 2014 by already starting some of my new years resolutions. Staying organised and tidy is right up there. This includes making sure my room, clothes/makeup are all neatly organised and that my laptop doesn’t become over clogged.

Whilst I’m writing this begrudgingly (as at first the customer service wasn’t the best) The Holding Company actually do some amazing storage. I recently invested in the Elfa Bedroom Storage Solution 2 which was so easy to assemble. The storage is a little like lego, you just need a free wall, it only involves minimal drilling and then you can assemble it like lego, the configuration can be whatever you want it to be. Getting ready has been more fun, I’m putting all my clothes away neatly (no more floordrobe) and in general I feel more focussed.

Who else loves some Sunday re-organisation?



  1. Isobel
    December 8, 2014 / 4:15 am

    I love it, your wardrobe has some beautiful pieces! I really love your blog, especially your fashion posts.

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