New Boots, New Hair


You know when you just get excited for a bit of a Spring MOT? Well that was me yesterday, I was due a haircut, and instead of having my usual trip I ended up having a couple of inches taken off just to really freshen and liven things up. I absolutely love it. Having super long hair is fun, but it can be a bit of a drag – literally, and now my ends feel so healthy. I had a lot of shaping done around the front of my face as well to really liven and freshen things up, and the best part is that by my wedding in October my hair will have grown back to nearly the same length it was, but it will be a healthier version!

I also picked up these heavenly over the knee boots form Russell & Bromley, so expect to see them cropping up a fair amount in future outfit photos. Oh and whilst at Daniel Hersheson Harvey Nichols (having my hair tended to by the wonderful Gemma) I spotted Olivia Palermo having her nails done, I went over for a beauty chat and she told me the secret to her stunning golden brown coloured hair is that she has half a head of highlights twice a year in New York and then lets them grow out. Low maintenance beauty I can definitely get behind!


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