New BFF, Phyto 7 hair cream- The Review

phyto 7 hair cream

Over the last few months I’ve noticed my hair has become more prone to static- whether that be because of all the cold weather or just too much colour build up in my hair, it’s been a pesky little problem which has been driving me insane, especially when out shopping when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and look not too dissimilar to Albert Einstein. That was it- I was on the hunt for the perfect hair balm, definitely not oil- the Kerastase Elixir, whilst lovely on freshly washed wet hair, would weigh it down once dry and look, well oily. I also wanted a product that was going to nourish my ends, as I use heat and products  daily and am constantly tying it up into little buns when blogging/writing essays/cooking I needed a product that was going to make my ends look fresh and shiny again- enter Phyto 7 hair cream, a hand cream for hair.

phyto 7 swatch

I first discovered this product in Space NK and fell in love with the fluid-y creaminess that smelt amazing and then melted into your hair without leaving a greasy film a few weeks ago, but at £13.50 and knowing that I had a trip to Paris coming up (Phyto is a French pharmacy hair care brand) I thought I’d wait. Luckily I did and I bought it for just 8 euros- a serious bargain in City Pharma, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. It is marketed as a hydrating day cream with seven plants, so it feels incredibly natural, and the packaging is gorgeous and metal-y feeling which feels great in your hand but yet is virtually weightless to pop into your handbag (and the texture is weightless in your hair- hurrah).

Armed with my Phyto 7 hair cream and a tangle teezer I now feel like I can tackle long days on the run without my hair going static/dry/matted looking and without the build up of grease that notoriously weighs down hair.

It’s available here from Feel Unique for £13.50…but if you do have a reason to visit France in the near future be sure to check out the Phyto range at City Pharma- bargains galore!

Happy Sunny Sunday



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