My Skincare Routine 2019


For just over the last year I’ve kept my skincare on the straight and narrow – being incredibly strict with what I let in and giving products a good few months to work out if they are benefitting my skin or not. All the products I’m going to talk about in this post I’ve been using for at least over three months.

My skin definitely changed for the better with pregnancy and I’m hoping it is here to stay but who knows. What I do know is that my skincare has also helped and that definitely wont be changing. So let’s start with my AM routine:

Cleanse I only started cleansing in the shower a few months ago and love the difference – the steam from the shower opens up the pores and I feel like I’ve had a mini facial by the time I get out. I like to use the Lisa Franklin Photo Gel cleanser. It is full of natural cruelty free ingredients and smells dreamy. My skin has always reacted well to a good gel cleanser and this brightens and wakes up my skin without leaving it feeling tight.

Serum I like to mix two serums together in my hand and put it on at the same time. Two small pumps of Vichy Mineral 89 (which I’ve been using since October 2017) and a newer love – Drunk Elephant C-firma serum. Since using Drunk Elephant’s vitamin c my old acne scarring has dramatically improved and I’ve noticed a difference in the texture of my skin. It’s strange because when I first started using it it made my t-zone super oily but now it has normalised and it no longer makes me uber shiny. It adds serious glow and has a nice tackiness which feels lovely under makeup as it gives it a good grip. The glow it gives is almost like a very natural fake tan. It’s hard to describe but I don’t ever want to be without it!

Moisturise I’ve been using the same moisturiser since 2013. It’s the best I’ve ever tried – La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluide. Nothing is as light weight or moisturising as this – it deeply hydrates without sitting on top of the skin. No fuss, no frills – just a fab product.

I then finish with an SPF 50 prior to makeup, ones that I love and have used over the past 6 months have been Skinceuticals SPF 50, Nature Bissé Diamond Oil Free and my newest discovery is Dr David Jack’s All Day Long SPF 50 which boasts gentle AHAs and lactic acid to gently resurface the skin. This gives a beautiful glow and is fantastic under makeup.

PM Cleanse Back to Lisa Franklin but this time to her fantastic Anti Pollution cleanser. This is like a silky oil and removes every last trace of makeup, dirt and grime and leaves my face supple and glowing. I think this is my favourite ever cleanser. Nothing compares to how well it breaks down my makeup and my skin has looked significantly clearer since I started using it back in late September. It also smells heavenly which always helps!

PM Tone I always tone in the evening and a toner I’ve been using for a year and loving is the Susanne Kauffman Clarifying Tonic. It has all natural ingredients and it tightens my pores without tightening my skin and banishes any lurking blemishes. It comes in giant 500ml bottles which are fab as they last a good few months. I like to use this until the cotton pad comes back completely clear to ensure there’s no leftover makeup or dirt at all on my skin.

PM Serum I like to do my serum cocktail trick again and mix Vichy Mineral 89 with one of three serums depending on my skin’s mood. Esteé Lauder Advanced Night Repair for a general radiance boost or if my skin is looking a bit tired and bleach. Drunk Elephant Framboos serum if my skin is in need of a bit of a gentle glycolic brightening treatment or The Ordinary Niacinamide and Zinc if I’m breaking out or my skin is a bit angry.

PM Moisturise: I then like to mix one pump of my LRP moisturiser with one and a half pumps of the most wonderful oil I’ve EVER used – May Lindstrom Youth Dew. My word my skin adores the stuff. It smells heavenly and sinks in beautifully giving a beatific glow, even though it has a few essential oils in there nothing aggravates my skin or clogs my pores, if anything it actually soothes and unclogs any pores. I’ve been using it solidly for over 4 months and there’s still product in the bottle. Well worth the investment and I’ll be rebuying it without hesitation.

Eyes: Morning and night I use one of two creams depending. If my eyes are a bit sensitive (my under eyes are prone to milia and dryness) I opt for the luxurious Sisley Eye Contour Cream which immediately banishes dryness but if the area is feeling ok but I’m looking exhausted then nothing perks them up quite like the Drunk Elephant Tango eye cream – super easy and convenient to dispense with a pump (love a good pump – not enough eye creams have them!).

What’s your skincare routine? I’d love to hear your can’t live without products!


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