Markus Lupfer with December Tatler

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I very rarely get excited about a magazine freebie, although sometimes I have found some real gems. This, however, is on another level all together. Hot designer Markus Lupfer known for gorgeous luxe t shirts and  sweatshirts embellished with sequins and witty phrases (I have a grey marl vest with lace panelling- gawjus) has designed a ‘clutch’ bag in two amazing colours- a cool toned nude and a hot ‘kind of Hermes but hotter’ orange. Both are mock croc, and both are selling like hot cakes. I picked up a copy of the December issue of Tatler at Heathrow before flying to Istanbul and nearly squealed when I saw the freebie! I got my hands on a similar freebie 8 years ago with Harpers- an Anya Hindmarch makeup bag and it’s still in good nick. So whilst the quality isn’t really there, it’s still a damn good durable ‘clutch’. I say ‘clutch’ because anyone can see that it’s a make up bag- clearly! It fits a surprising amount; a compact, a couple of concealers, three lipsticks, a brush, some gloss an eyebrow pencil and a mascara. After returning from Istanbul I tried to track down another copy to buy myself the orange one and to also get one for my mum and sister, and the task proved rather tricky (that was before we found some in Harvey Nicks 5th floor and literally bought them all! Soz). So grab a fiver and run to your local newsagent for a little slice of total glam and chic to brighten up your lipstick applications.

For those of you lesser beauty fiends out there, Tatler has put a guide up with suggestions for multiple uses for the ‘clutch’ here.

Tatler December issue is on sale now RRP £4.20.


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