Makeup be Gone

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So I recently purchased a product that has made light work of makeup removal (including eyes) and cleansing, it smells goooood, it’s light weight and leaves my skin rid of impurities and dirt as well as slap. It doesn’t aggravate my skin, and leaves my complexion peachy clean and hydrated. The product I’m referring to is the Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil.

I start off with two pumps all over my dry face, I really massage it in and go to town over my eyes, letting the incredibly gentle oil dissolve my lashings of black mascara and eyeliner. I then get a fresh flannel and soak it under warm water and remove every trace of makeup, I then go back in with one final pump of this luxurious product and use it to properly cleanse my skin. And that is it ladies and gentlemen, makeup off, skin cleansed, all in just a few minutes – easy! It’s free from sulphates and those dreaded mineral oils, and leaves skin feeling beautiful. Thanks Amelia for the recommendation!

For £28 you get 100 ml, but I actually got it for £0.00 because of those darned amazing N Dulge points! Woohoo.

This will definitely be a cleanser I can see myself using for years and years to come.



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