Like magic…Kryolan’s Illusion Velvet



Kryolan, the renowned professional makeup brand are on to a winner with this little pot of magic. Aptly named Illusion Velvet this creamy white formula turns an iridescent subtle gold on contact with skin, instantly imparting a magical glow on cheekbones, brow bones and just about anywhere else you can think to put this. I’ve never managed to find a highlighter that I actually like, they’ve all seemed the wrong shade for my olive skin tone or too shimmery and OTT. Illusion is something you can imagine Gwyneth Paltrow using before a red carpet event as opposed to some other highlighters which seem to be favoured by TOWIE cast members. It photographs beautifully and leaves a luminous glow without looking shiny. No brushes needed- just your fingertips dabbed into a little bit of product and then smoothed over wherever you need highlighting.

You can buy Illusion Velvet here for £15.75.


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