Library Maquillage- A guide to staying fresh and pretty whilst studying!



libradymakeupIt’s May, beautiful May…which means that real Summer is around the corner and it’s the final push for essays and exams. My best friend finished her last exam yesterday and she has now fully completed her 4 year course at Edinburgh- wow, time flies! I still have another 17 days left, but hanging on in there.

A few weeks ago I did a library skincare post, which I have to say- I’ve definitely been sticking to, masks are my saviours and I’ve been doing a different one almost every night to keep my skin clear. I’m finding it hard to balance everything at the moment- the other day I even went into the library in my gym-kit with a topknot, looking good doesn’t mean spending hours in front of the mirror- we don’t have time for that!So here’s a little guide to feeling and staying pretty quickly and affordably whilst hunched over those books and not to be struck by the 4pm shine and violet coloured under eyes!

1. A simple foundation applied with your fingers will leave a dewy medium coverage which wont budge throughout the day. This Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is budget and gel-based so goes on smoothly but really stays in place.

2. This Vaseline 2 in 1 hand cream and anti-bacterial sanitizer is my God-send. Hours flicking through old books that have been God knows where, and library snacking could quickly equal a grumpy tummy, so a quick burst of anti-bacterial and you’re good to go, and this one doesn’t try out your hands like some others and actually gives a little injection of moisture at the same time. Win win.

3. A slick of a Rimmel Scandaleyes shadow stick is all the eye makeup you need, this one in Bulletproof Beige will give the illusion of brighter eyes as it is a gorgeous champagne colour- trust me it’ll really wake you up and it’s so easy to apply. A smudge here and there and voila.

4. A no-brainer really, the only accompaniment for your eye makeup is a little mascara, my personal fave is MAC opulash, but you can use whichever makes your lashes happiest.

5. A little dusting of this Rimmel Stay Matte powder on your t-zone will ensure that it doesn’t go all oily on you post lunch, this really keeps the complexion looking fresh without looking like you’re wearing anything at all. This stuff is just amazing, and it’s only £3.99!

5. A slick of bronzer where you need it, will immediately perk up your ashen library complexion, and get you Summer ready. My personal fave is NARS Laguna as it leaves the right amount of bronze with minimal shimmer and no orange undertones. Very natural, it can also really enhance your cheekbones if contoured.

6. For those pesky spots that wont go away (and really we know all the Diet Cokes ain’t helping) then a heavy duty concealer should be called in for damage control. This Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is ideal for massive zits, and also works well to cover up any scarring after they’re long gone. It’s so thick and creamy it needs to be blended well, but once on, you can be safe in the knowledge that it’ll we do its damn hardest to cover up any blemish- big or small. *sidenote* you don’t want to put an under eye concealer on the spot as they’re usually more light enhancing and radiance boosting, a denser formula is ideal for blemshes.

7. A quick slick of something to define your brows? This Hourglass sculpt and arch brow pencil which is a powder and wax formula in one is ideal, the brush evenly distributes any excess product so it never results in the dreaded scousebrow!

8. And finally, a lip stain to inject a little colour. This MAC one in the shade Stylesetter looks shockingly bright, but it comes out in more of a dark pink ‘your lips but better’ hue that really perks me up in the library. Lip stains are great because no matter how much snacking you do, it doesn’t need to be constantly re-applied throughout the day!

9. If lip stains dry you out, a good old fashioned lip balm is all you need. This one from Carmex is my current fave and leaves my lips suuuuper duper soft.

Right I’m off to the library now- but have a great Friday and an amazing bank holiday weekend!





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