Just add a coat..

justaddacoatburberry earmuffs


One of the most glamorous and exciting items I own is this Burberry shearling trench. It is also possible the warmest thing on the planet. You can wear it over a cocktail dress with bare legs and stay toasty whilst on a night out, or you can pair it under a few layers for a Wintry walk and stay positively boiling whilst those around you shiver. My favourite way to wear it, is over a less than exciting or sartorially brilliant outfit. Take last Saturday for instance when I went to Winter Wonderland, I flung on a pair of M&S leggings, Victoria’s Secret sweatshirt and some ASH wedge trainers- by no means a particularly stylish outfit, however once the coat was on, it was all hidden and I instantly felt cosy and glamorous. Add these Accesorize earmuffs and you’ve got the easiest way to Winter chic. In  beauty news I’ve been wearing my hair natural for the last few days, and only rough drying it instead of tonging it so it’s been falling really straight, and I’m quite enjoying it! I did a super simple eye using Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo On and On the Bronze (that has just the right amount of sparkle) and then defined my eyes with L’Oreal Paris Black Super Liner Perfect Slim and went for a nude lip again with my favourite cool toned nude- Bourjois No 4.


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