Jo Malone – Rain & Angelica

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I’ve always loved the smell of rain, there’s something so comforting and hopeful about it. So I am sure that you can imagine my delight at discovering that Jo Malone had brought out a perfume to emulate that fresh, sweet and very natural scent.

Rain & Angelica seems ideal for this time of year and is meant to conjure up the “glassy beads of dew, awakening a London park at dawn” –  it’s incredibly fresh without being yet another *yawn* fruity floral. It’s sexy, slightly masculine yet the top notes make it utterly feminine. Jo Malone have hit the nail on the head with the “London park” inspiration, it all feels (smells?) rather Mary Poppins.

It’s a scent that makes you feel nostalgic in a good way every time you spritz it on. The lasting power is also fantastic and I love continually smelling it throughout the day as it wafts around my person. It’s a truly individual scent and one I would highly recommend for those who like to stray off the beaten path of usual Spring Summer fragrances.

Jo Malone Rain & Angelica £82.00 available here



  1. Dora
    May 7, 2014 / 12:48 pm

    amazing review!

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