Heat Wave Dressing


London will be reaching soaring temperatures of 35 degrees this week and on Friday we went up to 28 so I thought I’d share a quick look that I ruled up the other day. I paired this bargain of a dress (£13.00 from Primark) which is incredibly Chloe esque with this simple Chloe Faye inspired bag and Topshop gladiators. Whilst the dress was long enough for the city it was also loose and let in a lot of air meaning that I felt appropriately dressed as well as cool enough whilst charging down the East London streets dashing from appointments to meetings and so on. I love loose layers as I find them far more flattering and cooler to wear than tight short items which can actually just make you feel more flustered (and also don’t cover a post Pho food baby nearly as well). I’m off on holiday on Friday to Mykonos so stay tuned for daily outfit posts coming your way soon!


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