Hand Party!

hand party (left)hand party (right)handparty


Today’s post is something a little different. My engagement ring has gone to New York to be resized which could take up to 8 weeks, so in the meantime I’ve been playing around with jewellery and choosing which ring to where on my ring finger. I’ve chosen my Solange Azagury Partridge ‘Love’ ring, as it was the first piece of jewellery my then boyfriend, now fiance ever bought me. He bought it for me for my 20th birthday which (in 11 days time hint hint) will be three years ago. It seems fitting to be wearing it in place of my engagement ring. To jazz things up I opted for this top ring from River Island and this gorgeous ring (which I may have stolen from my mum – so don’t actually know where it’s from!).

On my right hand I’ve been wearing this Stella & Dot ring which I lurve and on my right pinky I’m wearing this solid gold ring which used to be my grandma’s but which she gave me when I was 17. My friend Jess and I always say how much we love jewellery that tells a bit of a story – and thats exactly how I feel about these rings. Two rings which aren’t in this post (but which I’ll still be wearing a lot of) are a Dinny Hall one which my best friend bought me for my 21st and a Dominic Jones one which I got a few Christmasses ago from my parents – both super gorgeous.

My nails are painted using possibly my favourite nail shade of 2013 – Barry M gelly in Lychee. The perfect greige. When my engagement ring comes back I probably wont be wearing so many rings again for a while (until I have my simpler wedding band) so I’ll be enjoying the hand party whilst it lasts!

Please excuse the slightly awkward fading henna on my hands – remnants of the Indian wedding last weekend which I was at!



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