Guest Beauty Fix- My grandma




My grandma today.

So today is the second instalment of the Guest Beauty Fix- getting different perspectives on beauty rituals, routines and tips from my friends and family..

Today- in her own words, Mimi to me, Anne to the rest of the world- my 73 year old ex-model grandmother…

Over the last few years I’ve found myself veering gradually towards the much cheaper end of the market- I get a kick
out of browsing the inexpensive drugstore brands more so than ever now as im less prepared to spend as much on products. In the old days I was much happier to treat myself to a Dior or Chanel lipstick, these days I get an equal mimi makeupkick from a Bourjois, Revlon or Rimmel lipstick, and the colours are superb. 

Contrary to beauty advice that extoll the benefits of going for a natural look, I prefer iredescent silvery eyeshadows and lipsticks because they lighten up my complexion- the conventional wisdom is that one should look more natural, however with my colouring it is more flattering to have an eyeshadow with a  sheen and a highlight underneath the brow to lift the face and a lipstick with a highlight of frosting in the centre that makes the mouth more rounded and gives a better ‘full lip’ effect whereas a matt colour looks rather flat. I find that the shimmer is more youthful. If I’m going out for the day, even if its just to Sainsbury’s shopping I’ll always go the full works- foundation powder etc and incidentally I’m conviced that using foundation for so many years (50 years plus) has protected my skin. My generation never used a sunscreen, but my foundation and makeup acted like a barrier even though they didn’t have SPF in it. I think it’s always a good idea to have an extra layer to protect your skin. I’ll always use a little bit of shadow and eyeliner too when leaving the house, I’ll always use a lip liner with my lipsticks- so it’s a full conventional makeup application.

I’ve always used either Kerastase, but now my hair stylist has just recommended the brand new Shu Uemura haircare range- which is primarily for volumizing as my hair has thinned over the years and I am loving it. Years ago I tended to always use Sisley skincare but now I tend to just buy L’Oreal mainly from a cost point of view as Sisley prices have gone very expensive recently. My favourite perfume at the moment is Idylle by Guerlain and has been for years. I’ve never ever ever slept in my makeup- cleanser, toner and moistoriser morning and night religiouslu for 50 years. Bright makeup has always been like a sort of hobby to me, it just cheers me up seeing pretty coloured palettes which I’ve always been drawn to. 


My Grandma in her modelling days.

My obsession with beauty and makeup isn’t much of a surprise really is it then haha?





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