Goodybye 2014



2014 was a roller coaster of a year. I hate that expression, but it really was. I’m not a fan of change, and yet both lots and absolutely nothing changed. Of course, let’s start with the obvious – I married the absolute love of my life in the most incredible weekend ever with two beautiful celebrations and a truly magical registry office ceremony. The weekend was blessed with love and laughter and filled with all of our favourite people, however 2014 also had a few lows as well. Overall I have incredibly fond memories of 2014, from planning the wedding, getting incredibly stressed but oh so excited, some beautiful trips, and making new friends.

Amelia has been an incredible support to me in 2014, not only being there for me when I was clueless deciphering YouTube, but also a fantastic friend. Similarly, Emma has been another fantastic blogging friend who has then become a real life confidant. My bridesmaids – Raquelle, Jess and Clarissa were simply amazing and my sister Lily has once again been my greatest and biggest shoulder to lean on. My mum is truly the most wonderful woman that I know, there’s no one as intelligent, kind, warm and loving as her, and my father and brothers have also been amazing this year. I love my family and hold them so extremely close. My husband, of course, makes me smile every day and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have met him and married him, I still sometimes need to pinch myself.

I hope 2015 brings more love and laughter and I hope some lessons were learnt in 2014. I am sad to see 2014 end, but I am also of the belief that seeing time in black and white is foolish, and I believe that all years roll into one, and it’s the special moments and experiences that you should cherish.

Happy 2015! My New Years Eve makeup must haves post will be up at 5pm! 


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