Goodbye Dairy, hello clear skin Part II



So regular readers will know that I originally posted about giving up dairy back in October here. Well, I failed. My skin wasn’t getting any better, and I can now see that was because of my reaction to cult beauty product Pixi Glow Tonic which aggravated my skin so badly it took weeks of using La Roche Posay Toleriane – a two step cleansing and moisturising routine AM and PM for it to calm down. I started drinking my morning latte again – albeit not every day, but still a good few a week, and slowly but surely the nasty cyst like spots around my cheeks that made it hard to rest my head against a pillow at night returned. I started looking for other options other than giving up my lattes (like a true addict) and saw a few dermatologists who put me on harsh antibiotics and even harsher retinol prescription topical gels that made my skin flare up in little mini milia esque breakouts. Not. Cool. I came off the prescription stuff, started taking awesome supplements which I mentioned in my bridal beauty video on my YouTube channel and the spots remained but were a little more manageable.

Well last week, enough was enough, I made the decision once and for all to ditch my morning latte. A few days after that decision I had the best facial of my life, with a full steam, extractions and a soothing mask (full review of the facial and facialist coming in a few weeks time) and my skin has been incredible ever since. Every passing morning it’s clearer and clearer. I have no sore blemishes on my cheeks at all anymore. My skin tone is glowing without makeup, I feel healthier and just like before my stomach also feels flatter. I can’t believe that giving up one thing can have such a profound difference on my skin, and I can’t believe that there are dermatologists out there who are happy to take your money whilst not imploring you to try this free and relatively pain free tactic first. I know I’m sounding evangelical, but for me having clear skin for the first time in 7 months is a miracle. Now, I will say that the odd hormonal spot I’m sure will still arise (usually on my forehead – lucky me) but that’s nothing in comparison to what I used to have to deal with. I am so excited to have clear skin now, and will continue to keep dairy away from my diet until my wedding – and after too. I’m also considering a total blackout on all sugar in the Summer to really get things in tip top condition.

What do you guys reckon? Have any of you experienced a similar reaction to dairy, specifically for me milk?


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