Girl Date: No Makeup Makeup


You’ve changed your outfit at least four times, your’ve checked, re-checked then checked again that you’re hair is artfully dishevelled and you’re surrounded by dirty cotton wool discs saturated in Bioderma after redoing your perfect smokey eye twice before deciding to ditch it all together. You’re not getting ready for a hot date with the man of your dreams, but for coffee or lunch with another girl.

There’s something about getting ready for a girl date which is so much more taxing than getting ready for a real date- you want to strike the right note between making an effort without looking try hard and having a cool outfit without looking too trend orientated. I’ve noticed a trend in beauty when it comes to girls getting ready for girls, and that is to ditch eye makeup all together to offset a glamorous outfit. With Coco Chanel famously exclaiming that a woman should always look in the mirror before going out and remove one item, it seems that today women are choosing to remove their eye makeup instead. There’s something ultra chic about a bare eye, maybe just a flick of mascara paired with glowing skin and a bold lip. It says “I may be wearing 6inch Louboutins but I just rolled out of bed and don’t I look amazing”. With every TOWIE and Made in Chelsea cast member plied with enough mascara to make a camel feel a little lash sparse, it seems that actually changing tack and reigning in on the eye maquillage is the way forward for achieving the ultimate in laid back chic. I personally would just curl my lashes using my Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, give my skin a matte yet luminous base, add a little definition to brows using my Suqqu pen and dab on a little Daniel Sandler Marilyn to make me look alive. And voila there you have it the ultimate ‘girl date’ makeup look.



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