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These last few months have been really busy for me, and the last 10 days in particular (even though I was technically meant to be on ‘holiday’) have been difficult. When so much is going on in my personal life what with some private family matters, my upcoming nuptials, and trying to cram in as much Russian as possible as I had to miss quite a few classes due to being abroad, I’m feeling overwhelmed. Coming home after 11 days away to no food and a pile of unpacking and washing to do has not helped matters!

The last time I felt this overwhelmed was when I was doing my finals at university and blogging every day. I genuinely got myself in such a tizz I nearly had a panic attack. If any of you get like this, trying to juggle as many balls as possible without neglecting any, I will attempt to give you my solutions!

1) Put yourself first when and where you can. If this means simply eating your breakfast and drinking a coffee before you sit down to tackle emails, or allow yourself that extra 5 minutes in the shower to chill out, then do it! If you neglect your own well being it will only make your tasks harder and your efficiency will be at 50% less than what it could be. Whenever I’m feeling a little stressed, I like to sit down with my favourite breakfast and just read others blogs or watch YouTube videos whilst I eat, I try not to work at the same time, so that I can truly enjoy my meal and calm myself before my day.

2) Sit down and write a list of everything you need to do that day and then list the tasks from very important, to could be done at a later date. Schedule out your day and allocate time slots to each job. For example for me, I would put filming and editing a new video at the top of my list, unpacking and washing second, followed by replying to the mountain of emails and then so on and so forth. There are enough hours in the day, don’t waste time stressing, just start doing.

3) Turn of social media. I find social media the biggest drain on my time, so on days when I feel like I need to get a lot done, I try and schedule all of my tweets and check Instagram sparingly. No time for Facebook at all!

4) Wind down with friends and/or family. At the end of one of those days/weeks, make sure you have time to laugh and spend with those you love. Catch up with your friends, enjoy a nice meal and remember that the moments you spend with your friends and family are the most precious and important of all!

P.S 5) Having a pretty workspace also helps! Above photo from Pinterest, sadly not mine!



  1. August 26, 2014 / 4:32 pm

    I feel you girl! I’m at grad school and it’s soooo hard to balance that and blogging. Before I go to bed, I make sure to unwind by lighting a candle and having a cup of tea. 🙂

    xx Alyson

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