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I’ve pretty much been wearing the same makeup for a solid three months (give or take a few minor tweaks here and there) and my current carnation is my favourite yet. My makeup feels polished enough for days spent in between meetings and events with brands and PRs but also natural enough to wear on my “off” days spent typing at my laptop or going for a walk/lunch with friends. I’ve always had a nails on chalkboard kind of hate for heavy makeup – always have done and always will. When I was 14 and first starting to use makeup I couldn’t work out how using more makeup would make me look worse, heavier foundation would make the blackheads on my nose (ew but true) look more prominent, my cheeks would look cakey and heavy eye makeup just made me look plain weird. I’ve come to accept that some faces can take a lot of makeup (see Kim K) and some can’t (Kendall). It doesn’t mean that girls who’s faces suit less makeup can’t wear any, it’s just that we have to be slightly more creative with it.

As some of you may or may not know I struggled with the worst break out of my life back in October – a result of a salicylic acid peel gone wrong and then loading my skin up with a whole bunch of products that just broke it out worse. My skin and I just weren’t on the same page and I didn’t seem to know what it wanted or needed. My husband was stern with me and told me to “throw away all the sh** you’re using and just use the same things every day”. I listened and whittled my skincare and foundation down to the very very best. Skincare can be another post, but the foundation which found its way to the top is Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation SPF 30. Words cannot describe my love for this but here are a few key ones; natural full coverage (an oxymoron I know!), flexibility, doesn’t oxidise or change colour, neutral toned, regulates oil production, long lasting, did I mention SPF 30!? There’s something in the technology that also subtly contours the face – don’t ask me how it does it, but it does. This has meant that I’ve been incredibly relaxed in ditching blushers/bronzers and powders during the day as my face just feels naturally contoured. This foundation might be on the expensive side but I use one to two pumps a day and a bottle lasts me roughly three months and I believe investing in a product that spends up to 14 hours on your face is a wise move.

Moving on, I’ve only been using two concealers – the first is the NARS Soft Matte in the shade custard, I use this to gently dab on my dark marks that the foundation hasn’t fully covered. It leaves a skin like finish and doesn’t budge all day. It’s truly the most dreamy concealer and it’s non comedogenic so doesn’t break me out. I then use the La Mer concealer under my eyes to brighten and diminish dark circles, I apply it in a mini triangle and it diffuses the light beautifully. For eyes I keep it simple and switch up my shadow between either Clinique Lots o Latte, Tom Ford Nude Dip, By Terry Bronze Moon or the lightest shade from the Tom Ford cocoa mirage palette (creamy and neutral in tone – it really widens the eye) and then apply my MAC Teddy in my upper waterline and gently on my upper lid, a few coats of the Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara and some Tom Ford brow sculptor in Espresso and the majority of my face is done. As I keep it natural and neutral everywhere else, my lips are where I have some fun. I use MAC Spice liner all over (but focussing the density on the outer edges) and I gently draw over my natural line and create the perfect cupids bow (the outline lasts even after copious amounts of green tea), I’ve then been dabbing on either the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in the shade 202 for a dark nude or if I’m feeling in the mood for a brighter nude then I’ve been wearing L’Oreal Colour Riche Matte in Blush in a Rush, I’ve also been loving the Trish McEvoy Essential pencil which is a creamy matte consistency in the shade Models Choice and Nude 1 mixed together for a lively nude. The end result leaves me feeling awake, enhanced but not at all caked or too heavy.

What are your go to every day makeup products?




  1. Leena
    March 24, 2017 / 10:10 pm

    I’m totally on the same page–recently I’ve been drawn to more natural looking makeup as well! I’ve been loving the oil free Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (I seriously haven’t used a TM since I was like, 15) and it actually has really good coverage for a TM! If I need to add some coverage I’ve been adding in some Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer which actually looks really skin-like as well. And ditto on the no blush/bronzer/contour. I never realized my face actually looks perfectly fine without it! For highlighter i’ve been loving those glossier haloscopes. They really do look like shiny skin! And for concealer, I’ve been alternating between Nars soft matte and the radiant creamy. I recently started using cle de peau and it’s quite natural looking as well, but my shade isn’t quite right, so back to my staples I go! For eyes, I’m obsessed with the bobbi brown and by terry shadow sticks. All the shimmery bronze and golden shades just make my eyes look so pretty without being overdone. And YESSSSS to MAC Teddy!! Literally a staple since I was 14 🙂

    xx Leena

    • April 15, 2017 / 2:50 pm

      We seem to be so similar in our makeup taste! Shimmery bronzey nothing but something eye colours 4 life! Happy Easter xx

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