Bridal Beauty Rundown – Shoulda, woulda, coulda…

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Seeing as the third and final instalment of my bridal posts is coming soon (Wedding Day Get Ready With Me – who’s excited!?!? ME) I wanted to do a comprehensive checklist for brides to be, including some steps which I wish I’d taken. Let my oversights inspire you if you’re getting married soon, or even if you have a big event coming up. I have a ball (ooh fancy) next week, so a few of these steps I’ll definitely be putting into practice…

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair: If you’re planning an up- do, wash your hair the night before or even better, two nights before. For the first day of my wedding I had a gorgeous plaited bun, and it stayed in all night thanks to my slightly greasy (eww) hair.

2. Only Wear Extensions if You Really Need them: I wanted extensions for my wedding to give my hair volume and thickness, but instead opted for some clever backcombing skills. Towards the end of the evening your dress will be getting on your nerves, you’ll be sweaty and the last thing you’ll want are some clip ins sliding out and giving you a headache.

3. Travalo travalo travalo WHY WHY WHY didn’t I buy a travalo for my wedding to decant my gorgeous Jo Malone wedding scents (Orange Blossom and Vanilla & Anise btw). I would have felt fresher through out the evening, luckily my scents were such exquisite quality that they lingered on me for a good while, but I’d love to have had the option to top up whilst in my reception without having to schlep all the way back to the main house to my getting ready room.

4. Utilise what you’ve payed for If you’ve bought an expensive wedding gown then get your moneys worth and ask them to hand deliver your dress on the day of the wedding. It makes your life so much less stressful and it’s one thing less to fret about. The amazing girls at Temperley London bought my gorgeous dress to me the morning of my Saturday wedding and it made me feel so much calmer knowing that all I had to then do was transport it to the venue.

5. Liner – I’ve become a lip liner obsessive over the last few weeks, why? Because it makes my lips look fuller but still chic – not like they’ve been blown up a la Kylie or Abbey. Just nice and juicy, but not like I’ve payed a visit to Harley Street, it also works like magic at ensuring your lipstick stays put. I wish I’d used Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk on my wedding day as it’s such a gorgeous nude pink that has the most stunning waxy creamy formula.

6. Teeth! Book in with your hygienist a week before the wedding for a full teeth clean and then by Dentyl Active – the stuff works wonders at retaining that “just professionally cleaned” smile for aaages.

7: Skin – See your facialist a week before the wedding also, and get her to do loads of extractions. Your face may look bumpy and red at first but by the time of your wedding your skin will be glowing and smooth.

8. Bridesmaids – Utilise your bridesmaids by ensuring that they have any essentials you may need as carrying a bag at your own wedding is a big no no. These should include: a mini deodorant, mints, your lip colour of choice, concealer, powder, tampons (don’t ask – just yeah, mother nature and timing clearly weren’t on my side for the wedding but y’know YOLO). Big up Jess, Lily, Raquelle and Clarissa and honorary bridesmaid Jackie for ensuring that I stayed looking fresh!

And seeing as I’ve turned slightly wannabe ghetto that would be time for me to wind up this post. If you’ve recently got married, what are your top bridal beauty tips for brides to be?




  1. Isabelle van der Jagt
    November 14, 2014 / 1:07 pm

    Wow! Soon pretty, I love all of the details of your wedding like the clothes hanger (hearteyes) and the decorating with the flowers is absolutely STUNNING


  2. November 16, 2014 / 9:50 pm

    You look absolutely gorgeous!!! Great tips on for those who are getting married soon, I’ll def share these with my friends!

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

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