Bobbi Brown = Bridal Beauty Boss(es)


Another week and yet another bridal beauty change up. My bridal beauty seems to be about as capricious as the weather here in London at the moment. Last week I was kindly invited down to the Bobbi Brown counter in Harrods for a bridal beauty “lesson”. The lesson is essentially a makeup artist doing your makeup for you, and showing and teaching you along the way how to do yours the same. Well, the makeup looked so stunning that I hired my MUA – a girl called Franki – on the spot to do my bridal makeup. A few days later Bobbi Brown kindly sent me all the products she used on me for my bridal beauty look – say what!?!

I never would have thought that I could have achieved the look I wanted by using just one brand of makeup, but Bobbi Brown has proven me wrong. I’m not going to overload you with every single product that Franki used all at once, instead I’ll be doing the odd post in the lead up to the wedding showing you bits and bobs and then I’ll put up a video on 7th October (the Tuesday after my wedding) showing you the finished product and talking through every product that was used. As a sneak peek, here’s a look at the foundation stick, corrector and concealer and brush she used for my base.

I’ve never used a foundation stick before all over as my sole face makeup, but this one in the shade Warm Natural 4.5 is just unbelievable. The coverage is perfect and covers all my pigmentation marks without looking cakey or visible on the skin, it’s matte but not too velvetty and it’s dewy without being greasy. Now, the real “this feels like a spa on my face” moment is the brush. The Full Coverage foundation brush is NEXT LEVEL. I had to caps lock, I just had to for that. It’s like your face is being gently massaged and it blends the foundation in seamlessly – it’s magical.

The corrector in Peach Bisque and concealer in Warm Natural work wonderfully under eyes to really brighten and give a flawless finish, and if the foundation stick hasn’t covered any pesky pigmentation marks I dab a teensy bit of concealer on over. I am so so thrilled with this base combo! Stay tuned for the next instalment, face powders, bronzer & blush!

None of this has been sponsored by Bobbi Brown, they’re just a bloody amazing brand. 



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