Blurred Lines- Get the look

Inspiration struck me just now as I was listening to my current favourite tuuuune- Robin Thicke and Pharrell’s Blurred Lines. My oh so hip younger siblings have been playing it for months but I’ve only recently become a convert. The video is super naughty and I have a mega girl crush on Emily Ratajkowski (who by the way was born in 1992- I feel ooooold) and whilst at home feeling ill and sorry for myself I decided to recreate the super easy makeup look of the video.



Seeing as I’m at home today and don’t want to pile makeup on myself I’m not going to do a base, just minimal concealer, some lipstick and a little hair tousling. The simplest ‘get the look’ like ever! All I’m wearing is some La Mer concealer under my eyes and Daniel Sandler’s impossibly amazing luxury matte lipstick in the shade Marilyn* an orange-y red that pops just as bright if not brighter than the one worn in the video, it’s also incredibly long lasting so perfect for a night out. A little V05 plump me up dry shampoo and some hair tousling and voila. Blurred Lines chic. Try it!


daniel lipstick

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*PR sample/gift



  1. Marley
    August 5, 2013 / 12:35 pm

    SO CUTE! love it

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