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There are few women who can look polished, effortless and 100% glossy 24/7, and Olivia Palermo is one of them. Ever since the first episode of The City with her long blonde perfectly tonged hair, cinched in waist and floaty boho dress I thought “I want to look that put together!”.

Moving with the times, she now has a collarbone- equally glossy chestnut mane which wavers from shades of deep brown to ombre and back to light brown again, her hair is definitely amazing.

However, what really makes me envious is her skin- I’ve always been desperate to find out the secret behind it’s flawlessness and last year she divulged  that she uses SK-II face masks which lead to me racing to Harrods to try them (much to my boyfriend’s amusement- they are packet masks, so you look like an extra from a horror movie) and my skin looked amazing and very Olivia-esq. What’s not to love? Well the only problem is that at £82 for a pack of 10 they aren’t the most economical of purchases and are probably best saved for special occasions. I’ve read that some brides start using them in the week run up to their wedding and do them nightly to ensure a flawless complexion on the big day. I’ve found that they’re particularly refreshing if kept in the fridge and used at the end of a hot Summer’s day (although those days seem like they’re in the very very distant future right now!) and they’re perfect for after flying as they restore moisture. My mum has been a long time fan of SK-II products, and as we are at opposite ends of the skin spectrum (my mother’s is dry and I’m combination with an oily t-zone and general dehydration) I’d say that these masks are pretty much suitable for anyone with anti-ageing properties for more mature skin and blemish busting agents for the more youthful.

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You can buy SK-II facial treatment masks either in store at Harrods or online here

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