Battle Of The Brows

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The other week I picked up two brow products within the space of just a few days of each other, I’ve been trialling both and giving them a fair test and I’m now ready to share my findings.

The two brow pencils in question are Tom Ford Brow Sculptor and Anastasia Brow Wiz. Both cult products, the Tom Ford one is no other than Tanya Burr’s go to eyebrow product and the Anastasia one is just about every other beauty blogger on the planet’s favourite.

The main difference is that the TF one feels weightier in your hand and the waxy formula is angled (it really reminds me of the Hourglass Sculpted Arch Brow Pencil), the Anastasia pencil is much finer and not angled. The two glide on in the same easy way, but the TF one makes your job a little easier, you literally chuck it on and then use the other end to brush through any unevenness for foolproof eyes, the Anastasia one requires a little more skill – you have to watch where you’re going and make sure you’re drawing fine little lines throughout your brow without overdoing one spot in particular, afterwards you do the exact same thing and use the spooly at the other end to brush things through. The other main difference is the price, with the Anastasia Brow Wiz at £15.50 it is less than half the price of the TF one, however it is smaller.

I’d say for everyday use the Anastasia one is great for a natural yet defined look, but with a bold smokey eye you want a little more definition and slickness so opt for the TF one. For now, I’ll stay using both and I guess we’ll see who the real winner is when it is time to repurchase!

Buy the Anastasia Brow Wiz for £15.50 here

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor for £34 here


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