Smart Separates

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The transition between August to September is minute – the weather doesn’t change too much but the seasons officially do. Opting for a neutral palette with easy separates is the best way of ensuring you still feel light/airy and Summery enough whilst also giving a nod to Autumn with layers and darker hues. I wore this outfit for a day of errands and a trip to the Natural History Museum and it would have been ideal if I’d added one more layer – a light jumper between my vest and jacket. I love marl grey – it’s one of my favourite colours to wear, along with rust and tan. I paired this Brandy Melville racerback vest with ripped cream skinny jeans, white converse, my Jessica Buurman Chloe Dupe and a simple Zara black blazer. I felt like I was appropriately dressed for August whilst still warm enough for the Autumnal chill that seems to be settling in.



  1. nueyork
    August 30, 2015 / 7:47 am

    That ChloƩ bag is beyond stunning! I love how earthy in tone it is! x

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