Dior Lip Tattoo – The Review

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From Left to Right Natural Rosewood, Natural Beige, Natural Cherry & Natural Coral

My obsession with lip colours started early on, I’ve just always loved how a quick swipe of colour can totally transform your face. Whilst I love foundation and eyeshadows I find I tend to stick to my favourites and just rotate a couple, however I frequently wear 5-6 different lip products a day. I love mixing up my look and trying a myriad of different combinations. My excitement was sky high when Dior announced their new long wear lip tattoo which promised to be a new light weight formula of liquid lipstick that felt more like a tint. When they arrived at my door I had them on my lips within seconds and after wearing for a few weeks I now feel like I’m equipped to give you the low down.

The formula is light weight and at first looks and feels quite wet, after a few seconds it dries and turns into matte, however it doesn’t look nor feel heavy or restrictive on the lip. Instead it feels almost like your natural lip just a better colour. The colour payoff is pretty strong and if you want more pigment and impact then I suggest sweeping the wand over your lips a few times to really build it up. My current favourite combo is Natural Rosewood and Natural Beige worn smushed together and blended in with my ring finger. I feel like it’s just the right amount of definition, as though I’ve eaten a bowl of berries or kissed my lipstick off. The effect is natural and insouciant and a far cry from other liquid lipsticks which are more high maintenance. I can wear this with minimal makeup and feel a bit more pulled together, or similarly I can pair it with a simple cat eye and feel glamorous.

They aren’t the most long wearing formula I’ve come across as they are more of a tint – the colour doesn’t totally go but I definitely do need to reapply after eating or drinking a lot, as the formula is quite light I find it easy to reapply without the use of a liner as you can smudge the colour into place all over your lip a la Jeanne Damas.

All in I would give these an 8/10 and I look forward to wearing Natural Cherry and Coral next week on holiday!

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